Welcome to the Lifeline Volunteer Portal

When you volunteer with Lifeline, you will contribute to achieving our Vision of: ‘an Australia free of suicide, so that no person has to face their darkest moments alone.’

You will be joining our team of over 10,000 volunteers, who volunteer their time, skills and experience to assist vulnerable members of the Australian community. Our traditional phone crisis support service is going strong, with one of our Phone Crisis Supporters explaining, how vital our service is, ‘sometimes, just hearing another voice can make the world of difference to someone.’

Our text crisis support is increasingly more and more in demand. This is where you can help us meet this demand and help us grow and scale the text crisis support service. One of our help seekers said, 'I find texting easier than talking as it gives me a chance to think about what I want to say.'

We invite you to complete your online volunteer application.

You will first need to register and then you will receive an email to activate your account by clicking a link in the email.

For the best experience possible, please review our FAQ page before submitting your application. Here you will find commonly asked questions with the answers to assist you in your application process.

Please Note: For the best experience we recommend you use a laptop or desktop computer and the latest Chrome browser.